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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

13 September 2010


Currently watching YouTube like addictive :) and found that some (or most?) of them are reeealllly interesting, entertaining, worth to watch, etc etc you name it.

See some of my sightseeing and I think they are cool :D

Most I watch are music video, and these are some current watch because I love the song. Don't bother to think how late I am to watch them just recently, I don't need timeline to get interest in something at the booming time.

Since lately I watched the DVD Made of Honor, Love Song from Sara Bareilles is like always on my mind, lol. So I browse the video an found how interesting it is. I love the music clip :) it's just so sweet. Haha.

I'm not gonna write you a love song!

I think he's handsome guy.
Then I realize he's the one who played in
Date Movie and Epic Movie. Haha

my favorite scene. supercute. Lol

Then comes to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City video clip, because I coincidentally saw the video at the TV music channel, I found how lovely the clip and so I start to Youtube-ing it :D

Talking about music, then reminds me that few months ago, I'm having chat at Omegle (you know what it is, right?), and talk with an English guy. I asked what did he do that moment, and then he answered he's listening to a song, The City by Ed Sheeran.

You probably don't know this name of musician, but I YouTube the song right after my omegle partner told me about it, and you should know that The City by Ed Sheeran is brilliant!!! I love the song, the lyric, the music! He's genius! 

a glance to Ed Sheeran performing The City

Talking about genius... I try to find another fling for a YouTube must-watch video. You might realized that this social networking site was already used by so many people who want to show, or express themselves. Start from the just-so-so one like this...

lipsync with Sinta and Jojo

...to the really-very-absolutely-amazingly-brilliant like this...

masterpieces daneboe

Now, I found this guy named Charlie McDonnell, you may be already know him, you probably know how good his videos are... and please welcome... Charlie McDonnell!! *handclaps

First, I thought it's just another ordinary personal videos on YouTube, but then... no, it wasn't ordinary at all!!!I think some of his video was also brilliant! Like this one you should check...
I give my Bravo! to this one! Watch it for your curiousity ^^
he's on the web www.charliemcdonnell.com
or www.youtube.com/charlie (charlieissocoollike)
twitter @coollike

Well, that's all for now ... I'm taking too much looking at the YouTube video, but trust me I only do this when I'm like very stressful and need a getaway for a while from reality. Haha. Enjoy...

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