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11 December 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot! Blast!

Last night my faculty held local event called "FISIP AWARDS" 2010 :D
Like its name, it's about the awarding for all FISIP contingents for bringing achievements for the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences !!

I just dropped by to TeKo (Teater Kolam; place for many events in our faculty) when I realize that my communication fellas was there to watch the FISIP AWARDS, then I decided to stay, take a seat, and watch till the end.

It was a blast! I mean, all these days we've been doing school assignment, assignment, assignment, and like don't have time to take breath for a sec. And suddenly this FISIP AWARDS was in the house! hahaha, don't have to go anywhere, the party is near to us!

Time for picture-sharing!

the host buddies 

the crowd 

 ten2five!!!! woohooo!!

yeah! As you can see ten2five was coming and groove the night! :D yay! yay! They brought some new songs which are cool because the re-arrange some Indonesian folk musics and it's like wow! And also some of their old songs, especially the most important one: I will fly. Lol.

 I'd like to take more pictures but my camera seems uncooperative that night... screw it, I put down the camera and start to sing along like others! Woohoo~

Ten2five really ended the night with total blast!


Actually two nights before, we also had similar event called GeLas TeKo (Gelar Apresiasi Seni Teater Kolam), yeah and it was also a blast! We watched cabaret performance from our communication juniors and they're like totally awesome! Ubercool! We proud of you kiddos!

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