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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

16 March 2010

finally my music!

Renew your wishes get on out of this fray
You'll never change if you keep running away
A little time, you need to figure a way
'Cause you know it doesn't lie in front of you
And you know it doesn't lie in front of you

(Monkey Majik - CHANGE)

Okay, judul postingan itu bukan bermaksud ke sesuatu yang negatif (macam plagiat atau membajak). What I mean is music in my life, my days are getting tough, and as a person who loves musics (siapa juga yg ngga suka?), I need some songs/music that can bring out the mood and encourage myself to face the day better.

And here comes the MAJIK brothers! Monkey Majik is in the house!

I actually knew this group since 2007 or maybe 2008, I almost forgot how good they are and now I start to listen to their songs again!

Monkey Majik itu yang gw tau adalah grup musik yang penyanyinya itu 2 bersaudara orang Kanada (picture from left). Dua orang lainnya gw kurang tau deh tampaknya gw sudah melewatkan beberapa hal mengenai mereka. Yeah, their lyrics are in English with some Japanese lines.

They're songs really something! I feel veeeeryy good listening to their songs. They filled the soul and mind, well in this case are my mind and soul.

My fave's are FLY, CHANGE, TOGETHER, SORA WA MARUDE... okay, I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS. I listen to them everyday now.

'Cause I wanna fly
Fly me up so high
Take me to the skies
I won't get by
Itsu made mo kimi no koe ga boku no kokoro de hibiku
If you can't believe me take me home
(FLY - Monkey Majik)

Hh... since I love all about Japan, I'm sad because these days I have no time to have a follow up about that country. I don't even read Japanese manga (comics) almost for 7 months! I'm an anime-fan and manga-mania, I love Japanese dorama and musics, so, this situation is not good for me. I want my spare time back! Hiks...

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