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14 March 2010

today's first day report

Went to see Topeng Blantek in Kampung Betawi today. Firstly, I thought it was only a dance, but actually it's a show of dance (only in the beginning), and short betawian drama for about 2 hours. Unfortunately I came late and missed the dance perform, but watching the drama, I got that it has a very interesting story and I start to pay attention until the end.

The story is titled "Rojak mencari Jejak" (Rojak's finding a clue). Well, Rojak is the main character, and the story is about revenge, law-abiding, which is very touching, spontaneous but I got the moral. And also don't forget about the 'poetry-play' we called 'pantun' in Indonesian. Fun!

Of course today's mission is to get photos of them, and I just can hope that my captured is not failing. Because I was using my Nikon FM 10, an analog SLR camera that I'm still can hardly use it properly.

There still tomorrow, I will go back to Kampung Betawi to watch Qasidahan and Gambang Kromong, can't wait!

The English I used this time is like spontaneously came out of my mind. Maybe I'm kinda tired of using informal phrases in Indonesian, and dare to upgrade my written English skill.

Feel free to comment ANY thing! ^^

Pict of the day:

my old stock photo, the moment I'm taking picture at campus with a dear friend, Mala.

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