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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

27 July 2010

makanan hari ini

aahh... actually I really like all the packaging of Dunkin Donuts, I think it's classy yet so warm and like a friendly friend and homy family. Ok, I make it too much but in my opinion, it is another "best place list" after Starbucks :)

yum yum topping

french glaze always favorite

supa kyoot

paper is lovely package

low-fat, ladies :)

Ough, are they gonna put this on the menu here in Jakarta?

I love Japan and that's why I love this ;)


love the way to grab'em

yeah I know him for sure that he's the Dunkin Donuts Dude

Lovely day everyone :)

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