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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

28 September 2010

my future

I watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 for the 2nd time, yeah. First time is at the movie theater but this one I watched it on DVD.

Well, I have no word except that watching this kind of movie really bringing up the 'labil' moment in myself, pffhh...

For a quick review, I'm gonna put the most memorable lines (for me) in this movie.

Troy: Feel like your future is laid in front of you?
Chad: What is your point?
Troy: I don't know. I just want my future to be my future.

Chad: Do you see what happens when you do a show?  You're, like, five people.
Troy: Yeah, but what so bad about that? We used to came here as kids, we'd be ten people. We'd be spies, superheroes, rock stars..... We were whatever we wanted to be, whenever we wanted to be it. It was us.
Chad: Yeah, we're, like, eight years old.

Chad: For the record, I was a better superhero than you were.

My stand point: I agree with Troy :) who said we cannot be anything we want? And when I say 'any'thing that can also mean 'many'things.

Why not if I am interested to animation, drawing, writing, photography, and advertising? I also love travelling, I'd like to see the world, meet people, learning their cultures and languages, and I want also to be great mother and wife in the future.

I want to, and I can, be ten people or more.

Now, I am starting my 3rd year in university, been 1 year get involved and interested in advertising world, 2 years to get really into communication study, 4 years of dreaming to go around the world, 5 years of doing photography, 7 years since my first interest to be animator, 7 and half years since my first writing hobby.....and the numbers is increasing as the years go by.

One more certain thing, a whole life... I am being myself: interested to many things.

I'd like to be ten people, or more.

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