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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

26 October 2010

life of men (?)

Sometimes, quality time with your best friend needs more effort to be planned, because you both know how busy you are, and you need to take the mind off of all the daily businesses, to let the time goes well.

But, sometimes, some quality times with your best friend just happen so sudden. It can be in the middle of lunch talk, studying, or even in one hour car-ride in the city. The talk just start and all the stories came out.

Okay, I have to admit that I sometimes have this-not-so-good statement came out of my mouth, but damn it's true. When we talk about future, working, dream, and building a family, sometimes it brings you to question like "Are you gonna be a working mother?" then I'll answer "Yes, I'd love to have a profession as... blah3x... but then, it'll be lovely if I can stay with the kids, so maybe it's good to have profession that can be done at home...."

and this is the not-so-good part of the answer:

"... beside, I'll have my husband to work, too, right? So my job doesn't have to be as hard as his job"


I know it's not a good statement to hear, especially for you, guys. But, believe me, despite of that statement is a little bit true, I feel guilty enough already.

Don't blame me, I'm living in a world of women. I mean, since my Dad passed away when I was 14 year old, my family members only me, my sister, and my mother, world of women. Then I have my female friends, they who also had effort in career and work and other ambition. Sometimes, I feel tired to do all the things like that, you know, work too hard. So, even if I have a big dream to have a great job in future when I got married and build family, sometimes I imagine it will be soooo exhausting. And that's where the statement comes from.

Yeah, I've been exhausted for quiet long time, since my world turn to a world of women. I'm not a feminist, I really love the idea that women created with many privileges to be taken carefully, to be loved, etc. That's why, being a so-hardworking-girl right now make me (or us, maybe) soooo want to have a peaceful life in the future.


yes, there's a but.

Today, in the middle of so-sudden quality time talking with one of my best friend, he told me the situation he through right now. How his family suddenly get in the middle of financial problem now, and all the best effort he done to help out his parents, and most of all is because that he's the only son in the family. So, he thinks that he has more responsibility of taking care his family.

Well, that makes me re-think, that it's so... not easy, so hard, to be a man, I mean, with all the compulsions for taking more responsibilities, etc.

So, next time, every time I'm about to speak my mind, I will not just thinking about myself, my life, but I also remember my friends, their life.

Next time, if we talk about the same topic about the future family, job, and husband, I will remember every guy I ever met in my life, my guy friends, and especially, my Dad. Yeah. I will remember that.

Such a mess English for a complex post like this one.



ninneta said...


Sudah lama aku nggak blogwalking. Karena memang dah lama juga nggak blogging. Hehehehehe.... Datang sekedar menyapa. Semoga dirimu sehat dan selalu bahagia.... dan semoga belum lupa dengan persahabatan kita.




tammi prasetyo said...

aaaaaaaaaa.... fikha, we should have another quality time together. tp harus lengkap ada arrad, ridwan, bayu dan gilang juga.. :))

fika farikha said...

@ninneta: haaiii,, semoga dirimu sehat jugaa :)) iya udah lama yaa hehe

@tammi: AYO KAPAN??? :D