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05 January 2011

3 photographies

Okay, since my digital pocket camera is broken (again, for the 3rd time), I think it's about time for me not to use it anymore, time to change my photography path, or to change my camera.

Actually there are 3 things in photography that I had interested in. They are analog camera, black & white photography, and... lo-fi camera photography.

Since I have Nikon FM10 as my first photography equipment, makes me want to explore more in photography using such kind of camera, the analog and/or mechanic SLR camera. There is a site in Tumblr that I use to follow, its name is Tokyo Camera Style, it posts is about cameras that still used in Tokyo, Japan, and guess what? Most of them are analog/mechanic SLR!

courtesy of www.tokyocamerastyle.com

Can you imagine? They still sell many kinds of film rolls there! Although it explain that using this kind of SLR camera is really expensive here :( I have to buy the films, then pay for the post-production activities (cuci-scan/cetak).

I went for films in Pasar Baru, the most known place in Jakarta for cheap photography needs. And voila! I accidentally bought a very cheap black&white (B/W) film! Until now, I don't know what to do with that. Lol. But kinda interesting to try. Black & white has their own impression in creating photos.

courtesy of filmus-monochromus

If you have any idea for executing black&white photography, let me know it :) my comment box will be open for you all. Hehe.

Having interest ini analog photography bring my interest to another kind of photography community here in Jakarta & Bandung, it called KLASTIC, they provide community for plastic and toy camera users, or any kind of lo-fi (low-fidelity) camera. You may take a look to the link under:

courtesy of Jelly Playground

Now I'm in my 1 month holiday, and I have to plan a photography project, execute many pictures, and do more photo hunting.

But I need money! And right now I have to do saving for my needs, too! *dilemma

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