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Menyadari bahwa saat ini saya hanya ingin membuat hidup saya terasa lebih fun, maka sayalah yang harus membuatnya seperti itu. It's no kidding, you are what you want, you are what you say, you are what you eat, and you are what you be.

23 April 2011

the next next next part 1

You've been hurt by an unhealed pain, in sadness
"I can't smile anymore, I don't like people", don't say those words
A future that can't be seen will occur, there's meaning in that
For right now everything is fine as it is now. Certainly you must notice that the time is coming
Just like someone who's rusty

(UVERworld, D-tecnolife)

- - - 

About their name, “UVERworld”A combination of “UBER”(meaning “over” in German) and “world” with the concept of wanting to always overcome past obstacles, along with future obstacles coming their way. With hopes to share with the world and create a powerful outlook on life, hopes that someday this philosophy can change the world. UBERWORLD became UVERworld adding character and a twist.

(from UVERworld english official website)

Their debut song, “D-tecnoLife” ranked 4th place on the Oricon Top Hits Chart. An instant smash hit, their sudden spotlight surprised many.

Their second single “Chance!” also listed 5th on the Oricon Chart (In 2005, there was only 1 group who had two of their singles make it on the top 5 in a row).

..they released their 4th single titled, “Colors of the Heart” (Opening for “Blood+”) which also ranked in the top 3 on the Oricon Top Hits Chart, the best ranking in their career thus far.

In August, they released their 5th single titled “SHAMROCK”, used as the theme song for the drama series Dandori. This release showed the world an even wider range of music styles and impressed many fans.

In November, they released their 6th single titled, “Kimi no Sukina Uta” (Theme song for, Koi Suru Hanikami) which ranked 2nd place in the Oricon Top Hits Chart. This song is their first ballad song.

In February, 2007 they released their much-awaited second album. By spring, they had announced their nationwide tour. In May, they released their 7th single titled, “endscape” (Opening theme song for the anime, “TOWARD THE TERRA”).

In August, the release of “Shaka Beach~Laka Laka La~” made it to the top 2 on the Oricon Top Hits Chart. The achievement was a first, for a single to be ranked second place without any ties to an anime, or drama theme song.

November 2007 marked their release for the Wednesday weekly TV drama series from “Nihon TV”, “Hataraki-man”’s theme song titled “Ukiyo Crossing”. This song also ranked third on the Oricon Top Hits Chart.

Their 10th single “Gekidou” which also ranked third on the Oricon Top Hit Charts was labeled as the symbol song for 2008.

Their second ballad single titled, “Koishikute”, also a single that did not have ties with other media titles, ranked top 3 on the Oricon Top Hit Charts.

Their 12th single, “Hakanakumo Towa No Kanashi” (Opening theme song for the anime, “Kidou Senshi Gundam 00” second season) is still playing on everyone’s top play lists. For the first time this single ranked first place on the Oricon Top Hits Chart! 

(from UVERworld english official website)

- - -

Okay... I AM AMAZED! totally! They got best ranks in Oricon Chart like many many many times!!!!! It really shows how great their music and I don't regret to put them as my favorite Japanese band!

I never forget the very first time I heard their song which is D-tecnolife as the OST of Bleach anime (I borrowed the DVD coincidentally from my junior). And first time I heard the song, I fell in love, with the music, and the vocal! Damn it's directly touch my heart! Even though I didn't get the Japanese lyrics at first, but I know from the music and the vocal that the song bring the spirit in the heart !

Like once I ever posted about Monkey Majik , UVERworld is now also be my favorite Japanese music band! So the list is rising, for Japanese music, I love Monkey Majik for sure, UVERworld, DEPAPEPE, and YUI!!! They're the best I ever know! Oh, yeah, don't forget I also admire Kajiura Yuki for her enchanted music composing!

Recently I watched UVERworld concert video at Tokyo Dome as their Last Tour in 2010. And those videos are so... damn... GREAT!!!! Whoa! The stage was also a blast! I wish I could have watch such concert in my lifetime..

Actually, the reason why I put this blog title 'the next next next' is because I refer it to somekind of 'next generation'. I'm telling this because, to see how UVERworld really making many hits and most of their songs are contributed to many anime titles, reminds me a lot with musicians the past which also experienced the same thing: L'arc-en-ciel and TM Revolution :)

Not that I say UVERworld is copying TMR or Laruku's thing (their musics are also different! Even though they're great in different ways), it's because they got similarities:
They contribute songs to many anime titles
They got characteristical vocals
Their musics are great, and they sing emotionally
(but I have to emphasize that their music styles are really different, you'll understand if you watch and compare them)

But... it makes me happy that the era is back again, the era of a really great band, really influential band (you should watch UVERworld Tokyo Dome concert), which contributes songs to many great anime titles! See? As anime lover, I really thing that UVERworld had done really great thing by that! Perfectly famous in perfect way! *LOL

They're the next generation of great influential band with great songs for anime OST, the next Laruku & TM Revolution! You better watch out because they're like replacing your place :D hahaha. They steal attentions! Of course all of these are just my personal opinion, nothing more :p

Oyeah, since nowadays I don't update my blog posts, I have to say it's all because the dead of my internet connection for the past 2 weeks, and finally now the internet is fixed and I can start updating my blog post again. Yay!

And, fyi, because of the internet died last few days, I just doing some doodling on my laptop, and guess what? This is one of my doodling result with paint:

Yeah, it is TAKUYA∞ the vocal of UVERworld. He has characteristical voice which make you think "Ah, I know this is UVERworld from the vocal".

Hahaha, but this picture isn't even close to his appearance, I only draw this based on his look at Tokyo Dome 2010 concert, and for real, he didn't wear vest at that concert *LOL.

Still, I think this drawing is cute, hahahaha.

"Feelings continuously filled with wishes will someday change colors",
that's what I've been taught
To be a person who continues to live with this in the heart
Because Colors are born within anything and everything inevitable
I will paint tomorrow once more with these hands

(UVERworld - Colors of the Heart)

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