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25 April 2011

the next next next part 2

What can I say? I just finished watching DURARARA! (shorten as DRRR) and that anime serial was total brilliant!

From the plot, which is reaaallllyy unusual because it’s like Vantage Point (if you have watched this movie), where most of the episodes are viewing angles from different characters! And you won’t even recognize that the characters (even characters who seems only additional character) are importantly linked each others.

And… and.. the storyline is mental! It’s really unpredictable and also predictable at the same time (confused, huh? You should watch it yourself *lol)!!!


After watched the whole episodes, I can tel that this anime is all about love. Yeah, it’s actually a serial contains love stories, which (maybe almost all of them) are crazy, mental, distorted, love stories. Why? Because they’re unusual! But you can tell those are love stories! Hahaha. And by the way, I also looked up some references and, YES, the author said that IT IS about DISTORTED LOVE STORY within life of many people that you cannot tell: street thugs, high school students, a female radio host, an underworld doctor, a young information vendor, and headless Irish fairytale Dullahan woman (hakobi-ya), even a love of Katana sword named Saika! Can you imagine what kind of love stories they may have? Well, watching this serials shows you all.

And by saying street thugs, underworld doctor, and young information vendor (joshi-ya), you maybe already catch it that the story’s setting is in street life of Tokyo, Japan. Yes, this whole story is located in Ikebukuro district, in a dark side of the city, which as dark as Shinjuku (another district in Tokyo which also has dark side).


Talking about street life, where stuffs like “Hakobi-ya”  (means: Deliverer) or “Joshi-ya” (means: information vendor), are exist. Yes, in a street life, you will need such people with such professions. Aaaandd… it reminds me a lot with another anime title in past time: Get Backers!

Get Backers mainly told about street life in Shinjuku, pointing views from all the workers of such professions like Hakobi-ya, Joshi-ya, Dakkan-ya (Get Backers is “Dakkan-ya” means: getting back whatever your stuffs that has been stolen, lost, or taken by someone), and many many others “xxx-ya” things with vary job specifications. That’s why I can tell this DURARARA is like the next generation of Get Backers, telling us about street life in Tokyo.

Even though, DRRR is whole about (quirky) love stories packaged in life of street people in Ikebukuro district, while Get Backers is pure telling about street life story in Shinjuku district. Both are thick of street life, but have differences in storyline.

But, in my opinion, being next generation means it has to be evolved, and that's what DURARARA got in its BRILLIANT stories and characters! I can say, DURARARA's street life impress me more than Get Backers (again, it's my personal opinion). From Get Backers to DURARARA. From Shinjuku, to Ikebukuro :)) COOL!

I think the author of DURARARA, Narita Ryohgo is a genius! Well, actually DURARARA first came as serial of light novels, illustrated by Yasuda Suzuhito (one of my favorite illustrator, makes this serial more likable for me, haha). Then came the anime in 2010 and now the manga (comics) is about to published here in Indonesia. I’m waiting, even though it’s a little bit dissappointing that the manga is not illustrated by Yasuda-sensei.

Phew! What a post, huh? All I wanted to say is DURARARA is a brilliant serial! Great awesome story and relating to my ‘the next next next’ post before, watching the last episode of anime DURARARA while listening to UVERworld’s DISCORD~your voice mix~ song, is really a perfect match!!!!

Oyeah, talking about song, all the songs as DURARARA opening and ending themes are all awesome! The musics within are also cool!

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